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Inter-World-View was an encounter, event, and exhibition that took place in the Arts Museum of the China Academy of Art, in Hangzhou, China. Over the span of 10 days, different groups from the fields of music, visual arts, sustainable farming, architecture, design, culinary, philology, dance, and science, shared together their unique worldviews and ways in which to understand and interact with the world.

The museum space filled up with installations that were meant to be activated by a workshop lead by each participating group. The different experiences and interactions circled around the topics of translation, our ways to build spaces for belonging and social bonding, expression and communication through the body, the sound and the food; allowing in such a way to make each of the participant’s worldviews richer and wider, but also open and malleable.

Inter-World-View is designed to be a continuous platform for collaboration, a way to propose utopian models for the future, to try to display and share them in annual recurrent versions.

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